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Online Fire Marshal Training

As part of compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 a number of employees must be designated as fire marshals and receive the appropriate level of fire marshal training. The online fire marshal training provides that training.

The online fire marshal training course is divided into three parts ensuring first-class training that covers a considerable quality of content designed to protect your workplace, identify fire hazards and deliver appropriate solutions in the event of a fire emergency.

Course Content:

Our fire marshal training covers all of the above, and gives your designated fire warden the knowledge and confidence required to take responsibility in the event of a fire. Your fire marshal will perform fire checks and, if required, retain records relating to the compliance of the workplace. They will assist in carrying out fire drills and evacuations, plus the course covers all aspects of fire extinguisher training too, enabling them to act quickly should the need arise.

Appointing a fire marshal is mandatory, so ensure your chosen employee gets the best online fire marshal training from one of the UK's leading training providers, offering convenient and affordable online fire marshal training courses.

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